Security Consultant

A security consultant uses his or her subject-matter expertise to advise companies in securing and protecting physical, monetary and information capital, such as office buildings, investments, computer systems or other items. Specializations for security consultants exist in areas such as building security, computer security or natural/manmade disaster security. Security consultants may work for consulting firms or as self-employed contractors.

Security consultants may advise that companies install physical protection, such as implementing video surveillance and alarm systems, or they may recommend hiring security personnel. They could also advise that companies perform more rigorous background checks prior to hiring new people or train employees on measures to improve the security of property or information.

Security consultants also draft emergency response plans for clients. They start with threat assessment and develop processes for designated individuals at the company to implement in an emergency or natural disaster. The consulting company will also provide training to establish response procedures. Both preventive measures and decrease of consequences are addressed.